Caro Burberry

Caro Burberry is a graduate of The Frink School of Figurative Sculpture and works from studios in the UK and USA. Her collection of limited edition bronze resins provide economical sculptures for home and garden.


When creating a sculpture Caro looks beneath the surface detail of her subject to determine what gives it its heart and soul, and sense of life. She models the original work in clay, using progressively smaller nuggets of material to develop a subtle yet tactile surface texture. Her aim is for simplicity and nuance in pose, to create a beautiful work, ultimately cast in bronze resin, that you want to reach out and touch. Something you will love.


To see more of Caro's work you can visit www.caroburberry.com

Jo Verity

Jo creates jewellery based on rolled paper beads and brooches using Victorian images, as well as decoupaged bowls, boxes and key boxes.

Lyn Muir

Lyn Muir lives in Cornwall, overlooking the Atlantic - an ideal location for collecting the driftwood from which she makes her painted figures. She uses saws and sanders to carve the figures. Each piece evolves in the making - sometimes ideas are found in the wood itself. Lyn's earlier career making items for theatre may be the reason for the theatrical nature of her creations... they take on a life of their own!

David Morton
David makes unique pieces using native and exotic hardwoods, precious metals and synthetic materials. His work combines the natural beauty of wood, the elegance of silver and the precision of engineering.

Julian Spencer
Julian Spencer guilded clocks (mantle clocks, wall clocks and mirrors). Julian creates depth of colour and burnished reflections in each of his gilded clocks and mirrors. Layers are built up slowly and the finished result is both classical and contemporary.

Paul Shepherd and Claudia Petley

Our work is a fusion of Contemparary design with traditional forging methods. Work ranges from small interior Candlesticks to large sculptural pieces. All commissions undertaken.

Jenny Peace

Basket Weaving
Rustic Willow Handmade Baskets

Jenny Peace makes these wonderful rustic baskets in all shapes and sizes - many made from willow Jenny grows herself.

John Benison
Wood Turning

Burr oak wood bowl. John creates turned wood lampshades, bowls, platters and vases. He describes it as 'traditional turning with a contemporary twist'.

Greg Davis
Contemporary Wooden Clocks

Greg Davis, furniture maker, has created a range of contemporary wooden clocks in a range of woods. You can also see a selection of Greg's handmade furniture at blue-ginger

Roy Dutton
Pet Wooden Sculptures

Recycled wood and metal forms the basis of Roy Dutton's sculptures

Ken Gilchrist

Shaker Boxes
Traditionally handcrafted Shaker Boxes by Master Craftsman Ken Gilchrist.

Made in Cherry, Laburnum, Burr Oak and handpainted

Dave McKeen
Wood Carving

Made by Dave McKeen from Fife in Scotland, these beautifully carved, yew wooden boxes have little drawers for storing precious items - some even have secret drawers! Prices from £20.