Silver Jewellery

Silverfish designer, Carol James, can be found at The Little Studio at blue-ginger gallery. She has a wide range of designs in her contemporary, handcrafted silver jewellery. You will find her working in the studio most Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Tel. 01886 880006

Hannah Willis
Handcrafted silver jewellery

Hannah Willis is a Wiltshire jeweller who specialises in British myth and folklore. Hares, crows, trees and ancient symbols appear on her hand-crafted silver jewellery.

Jo Dewar
Wire Jewellery

Jo finds inventive ways with knitted and manipulated coloured wire to make exciting and colourful costume jewellery pieces and other wire sculptures.

Sharon McSwiney
Animal Brooches

Sharon McSwiney creates distinctive jewellery designs in silver and copper.

Fairtrade Jewellery

When you purchase an item of fair trade jewellery from Jump4Timbuktu, you are directly supporting the Tuareg artisans of Timbuktu to trade their way out of poverty and this is how it works.
From the fair trade price that you pay, a large proportion is paid directly to the artisans who made it at an agreed and fair wholesale price. This enables them to maintain and feed their families and to have something in reserve to meet new orders.
Initially working with five Timbuktu Jewellery Associations, we have discussed and agreed a Fair Trade Agreement covering everything from fair trade wholesale pricing to delivery and payment. Enshrined in this agreement are fair trade values and an understanding that Jump4Timbuktu directors receive no salary. All jewellery sales profit is invested in sustainable development projects in Timbuktu.
Every piece of Tuareg jewellery is individually crafted.

Rozie Keogh

My jewellery draws inspiration from historical costume and ceremonial church artefacts. Many of my elaborate pieces contain a narrative, sometimes taken from fairy stories, sometimes from popular culture. They can be both amusing and poignant. The jewellery is designed to be flattering and glamorous. Most of the work is made in silver and knitted fine silver wire with precious and semi-precious gemstone beads, Swarovski crystals and pearls. However, no material is ever ruled out if it is thought to be suitable for the piece. So it is possible to find anything from a piece of butterfly wing to doll’s house cutlery in some of the items.

Penny Carter

All of the glass work is individually designed and handmade by Penny Carter, glass artist who has been making glass since graduating at West Surrey College of art and Design in 1987.
"The glass elements are made by melting glass rods in the flame at temperatures between 800-900oc. I prefer to use the Italian Murano rods. The molten glass is manipulated on a mandrel (a metal rod) and then by overlaying colours, applying dots, spots and bands of opaque or transparent colour the possibilities are endless."
All of the glass made by Penny Carter at chilli glass is handmade and unique.