The basic idea for blue-ginger took shape in 2004 and an art and craft gallery along with a coffee shop began to take shape in the barn behind my house. Since then the gallery has developed and taken on a special identity with input from enthusiastic local artists and craftspeople, and a loyal and inspiring customer base.


I’ve lived at Home End Farm since 1986, and as my children grew up I ran an English Language School for overseas children from the house and barn. Home End Farm was an accredited school providing a unique language and cultural experience for children aged 8-14. I loved my work and made many friends worldwide. Many of our old students (grown up and with children of their own!) still keep in contact and come and visit when they can. However, the idea of running blue-ginger gallery and coffee shop, and of being more involved in the local community, prompted a change of career, and a new phase in the life of this old farmhouse.


Blue-ginger is open every year from mid March until the end of December. Taking a break during the winter gives me a chance to refresh the gallery with new work – and to plan for an exciting new year. Usually in January and February I try to travel abroad, meet up with old friends and satisfy my wanderlust. When I’m travelling I write a travel blog – and if you click here you can see some of my adventures in Peru, Timbuktu and the U.S.A.


Before I came to live at Home End Farm I’d spent 10 years in Singapore and Brunei, and have many very happy memories of that time, the people I met and the food I ate! My love of Singapore food, and the years I spent creating a taste of home for our young Asian students in the school has resulted in the Singapore Suppers which feature throughout the blue-ginger calendar.


Over the years I’ve lived at Home End, the house has been a haven to many different people from all over the world. Today our Bed & Breakfast guests can still enjoy the character of the house with its beamed rooms and sloping floors while visiting friends, taking a short break in the area or attending events at the Three Counties Showground.


Sue Lim